Deer Me 717
Do the new character designs have you confused about who is who? Per very good suggestion, I updated the About Page to connect the old designs with the new.
Garanhir Sep 4, 2020
Curious as to why you changed most all your character's species?
17 Years Is A Long Time to Regret Design Choices Sep 4, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
Deer Me turns 17 years old this autumn. Most characters were designed either on the fly or specifically as a challenge for something outside my comfort zone.

Regrets, I have had a few.

The whole comic is moving forward with major writing changes, so it may as well have major art changes, too.
Ashe Skyler Sep 4, 2020
The updated cast page showing everybody's new form, all the way down to the staff, was awesome.
Sep 4, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
Thank you! :-)