Deer Me 711
Moving Forward - 11 of 20
fixban72 Jun 13, 2020
Wow. Those there are tactless,rude jerk,and an a-hole.
Jun 13, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
MviluUatusun Deer Me 711 Aug 9, 2020
And imagine their reaction had she mentioned her daughter was in a wheelchair.
Gene Jun 14, 2020
Hmmmm, I sense a converging of plot lines...

And I wanna slap each of those three jerks.
Slappity-Slap-Slap Jun 14, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
Plot line convergence sense tingling!

Spoiler-not-spoiler: I don't think we'll see those three again any time soon.
MviluUatusun Woola's New Species Aug 9, 2020
I'm curious. Since you've changed the species of several(?) of the characters, is Woola now a sheepdog or is she something else?

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