Deer Me 706
Moving Forward - 6 of 20
Catsnightmare May 8, 2020
Awww, you changed everyone? I liked Alicia as a mouse.
Sorry May 8, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
Yes. Sorry that you are disappointed by the change.
Ashe May 10, 2020
D'aw, he is so cute as a (sheep)dog!
:-) May 10, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
Thank you! :-)
May 11, 2020
For the benefit of some of us, is it possible for you to have a drawing of various characters before the change matched up with them after the change? It might help to figure out who is who.
May 26, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
Thank you for the suggestion. I'll work on updating the About Page.

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