Deer Me 702
Moving Forward - 2 of 20
Pickles Elephant in the room... Apr 10, 2020
Or should I say wolf? It only just dawned on me there was something different so I went back to the last chapter to make sure this wasn't some Mandela Effect thing...

So what happened to Thomas?
Doggity Dogged Dogma Dog Apr 10, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
I previously threatened said I would canine-ize the cast, and I did! This chapter reveals the new forms.

Thomas is now a coyote. Viana's change is less readily apparent, but she is now an Ibizan Hound.
Ashe Apr 12, 2020
You went from "Deer Me" to "Doggone You". XD

So, in a sense, the sheep family WON'T be back after all because they are no longer sheep! YOU LIED TO ME.
Ah Ha Ha Ha! Apr 12, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
I did! Omigawd, I did! I am so sorry!

Actually, I'm obviously not as sorry as I could be, because I laughed out loud when I read that. 😆
Ashe Apr 18, 2020
LOL, it's all good. I look forward to the new character designs, and really appreciate all the name dropping so I know who is who. I can't wait to see what Velvet is!
Velvet Is... {drum roll} Apr 18, 2020
Ashe Apr 26, 2020
Oo, nice! I like!
morgankhat Apr 14, 2020
I am so glad I glanced down to the comments because I thought I was going senile. I see you not only 'bald'erized Thomas, but gave him a dye job too!
Dye Job Is A Good Description Apr 14, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
"Dye job" is a good description of how I see the change. Same characters, new haircut or tint job.

In Thomas's case, I missed the antler color, so slapped it all over his face.
MviluUatusun Character Changes May 9, 2020
I must have missed the memo about you changing the characters. I'm going to miss Velvet being a horse. But, I'll survive.
"I will survive" May 9, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
(~1 minute video of silliness)

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