Deer Me Intermission - Alternate Ending
Shan wrote this ending. What do you think? Should he take over writing the comic?
Skye Well played Oct 25, 2019


Well done!
*wheeze* Oct 27, 2019
Sheryl Schopfer
Laughing until I could not breathe was my reaction, too, when Shan suggested the idea. :-)
Catsnightmare Oct 25, 2019
I was not expecting this, was not ready.
You made me spit my soda in laughter!
Spit-Take Oct 27, 2019
Sheryl Schopfer
Your poor monitor. ;-)
Alexander Arnold Well played Oct 25, 2019
I sincerely had to do a double-take with this page. Shan is a clever son of a bitch for this. Well done. Both of you
Thank You Oct 27, 2019
Sheryl Schopfer
Thank you. I cannot tell you how much fun I had with this. :-)
Ashe Skyler Oct 27, 2019
Aaron cannot deer you now, Velvet. His pronghorn is occupied.

It'd have to be an alternate universe since the Main Viana does not seem the type to share.
Ah ha ha! Oct 27, 2019
Sheryl Schopfer
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! :-D

And good point! Good point!
Ross Sauer Alternate ending Oct 30, 2019
I like the alternate ending, and wouldn't mind seeing it without Velvet's head in the way.
Nothing wrong to me with illustrating sex scenes, we did see a couple panels in the past of the character nude, and I did like those.
Velvet's Head Oct 30, 2019
Sheryl Schopfer
Thank you. :-)

Velvet's head actually doesn't hide anything explicit... but its placement gives that impression and struck me as incredibly funny. Even in thumbnail, her shocked face pops out and absolutely cracks me up. :-D
Guest More! Oct 31, 2019
Taku Awesome Nov 1, 2019
Thanks for the chuckle, and all the wonderful stories! I love this strip.
:-) Nov 1, 2019
Sheryl Schopfer
Thank you! :-)
Drac It's about time :} Nov 1, 2019
And here I had feared that Deer Me was to end up being a "Three's Company" sort of strip, with those two eternally circling and never connecting. It's very good to see them actually connect. As to this latest strip... I believe that the operative phrase is "Bwahahahahaha!"
:-) Nov 15, 2019
Sheryl Schopfer
Honestly, their "will they won't they" was never intentional, but... here we are. :-)